The bb5 - 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art

The 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art will take place from April 5 th to June 15 th, under the title When things cast no shadow.

Created in 1998, the berlin biennial has not only been registering and anticipating art tendencies but has also been acting as a tool to discover the transformations, trends and debates that animate the city of Berlin, thereby revealing a youthful enthusiasm and a rich diversity of cultural expressions and promoting debates with the worldwide artist community - artists, curators, art critics from all over the world.

The 5th berlin biennial aims at instigates an in-depth dialogue with the 50 invited artists, resulting in new productions and site-specific or contextual projects. Those artists are invited to present their projects in three major venues of the city of Berlin. The KW Institute for Contemporary Art, a structure linked to the genesis of the biennial; the Neue Nationalgalerie, an emblematic building from Mies van der Rohe and the Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, an empty space located in an area formerly occupied by the Berlin Wall. Each venue offers rather different exhibition places, with unique conditions and structures for the artists, works and audiences.

This 5th berlin biennial will comprise a night part called Mes Nuits sont plus belles que vos jours, and will consist of talks, performances, workshops, screenings and concerts that will take place for the duration of the biennial.

The bb5 curatorship is ensured by Adam Szymczyk and Elena Filipovic. Adam Szymczyk, is a curator and writer of Polish origin who has written extensively about contemporary art for books, catalogues and art magazines and has been responsible for exhibitions in Poland Sweden and Switzerland. Elena Filipovic, independent curator and writer born in Los Angeles, will curate this year her first major exhibition of Marcel Duchamp's work in Latin America, to open at the Proa Foundation in Buenos Aires with exhibition confirmed also at the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo.

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