The Naked City

The Naked City/A Cidade Nua consist of an installation comprising two metallic and wooden structures and a publication. The work is conceived from the point of view of the appropriation of urban equipment transformed into an architectonic/sculptural element.
This urban equipment with its own specific function - a bus stop - is transformed into an object of study. The devices created by the artist are a way of activating the space into a changing city.The work will consist in the installation of these two elements in venues used to show some of the 5th Berlin projects: the pavement of the Neue Nationalgalerie and the boundaries of a plot located at the heart of the city, the Skulpturenpark - an area, like so many in Berlin, which is still recovering from its violent history and that is crossed by the 'wall'. The works have been conceived on the basis of two photographs of bus stops, constructions originally done with concrete and built during the communist regime in the Soviet Union.

As part of the work it was produced an edition of a brochure
, that includes documental and fictional material including a recollection of stories. The content created for the publication take as references and allusions (even though some of them might appear metaphorically) to the geographical and historical data within the space between the two bus stops.


© Christopher Herwig

The brochure:
[The Naked City]